Calculus Interacts

Sage Interactions - Calculus

  • Interactive Root Estimator with the Bisection Method (fix me)
  • Newton's Method (fix me)
  • A contour map and 3d plot of two inverse distance functions
  • A simple tangent line grapher
  • Numerical integrals with the midpoint rule
  • Numerical integrals with various rules
  • Some polar parametric curves
  • Function tool
  • Newton-Raphson Root Finding
  • Coordinate Transformations
  • Taylor Series
  • Illustration of the precise definition of a limit
  • A graphical illustration of sin(x)/x -> 1 as x-> 0
  • Quadric Surface Plotter
  • The midpoint rule for numerically integrating a function of two variables
  • Gaussian (Legendre) quadrature
  • Vector Calculus, 2-D Motion
  • Vector Calculus, 3-D Motion
  • Multivariate Limits by Definition
  • Directional Derivatives
  • 3D graph with points and curves
  • Approximating function in two variables by differential
  • Taylor approximations in two variables
  • Volumes over non-rectangular domains
  • Lateral Surface Area
  • Parametric surface example
  • Line Integrals in 3D Vector Field
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