Cryptography Interacts

Sage Interactions - Cryptography

Shift Cipher

  • Shift Cipher Encryption
  • Shift Cipher Decryption

Affine Cipher

  • Affine Cipher Encryption
  • Affine Cipher Decryption

Substitution Cipher

  • Substitution Cipher

Playfair Cipher

  • Playfair Encryption
  • Playfair Decryption

Frequency Analysis Tools

  • Letter Frequency Counter
  • Frequency Analysis Decryption Guesser

Vigenère Cipher

  • Vigenère Cipher Encryption
  • Vigenère Cipher Decryption

One-Time Pad

  • One-Time Pad

Hill Cipher

  • Hill Cipher Encryption
  • Hill Cipher Decryption

Modular Arithmetic (Preliminaries for RSA, Diffie-Hellman, El Gamal)

  • Modular Arithmetic Multiplication Table
  • Modular Exponentiation
  • Discrete Log Problem
    • Solving for x
    • Solving for b


  • RSA, From Alice's Perspective
  • RSA, From Babette's Perspective
  • RSA With Digital Signatures
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