Hypothesis Testing Population Proportion


Here, we will use R to perform a 1 proportion z test using the prop.test command.

The prop.test command takes parameters from these data to return a result. For a 1 proportion z test, we will use the following parameters:

  • x: The number of successes, in other words $\hat{p} \cdot n$
  • n: The sample size
  • p: The proportion predicted by the null hypothesis
  • alternative: Can be set to "two.sided", "greater" or "less", depending on the alternative hypothesis.
  • conf.level: Sets the confidence level of the returned confidence interval.
  • correct: Applies Yates's correction for continuity if TRUE. Does not apply if FALSE.

We will use the following specific parameters:

  • x = 82
  • n = 100
  • p = 0.9
  • alternative = "two.sided"
  • correct = FALSE

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prop.test(x = 82, n = 100, p=0.9, alternative = "two.sided", correct = FALSE)




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