Plotting Exponential Distribuions


Here, we will plot an exponential distribution with average rate 1.5 from 0 to 5. To define our range of rates, we'll use the sequence command to create a range of points from 0 to 5 incremented by 0.5.

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x <- seq(from=0, to=5, by=0.5)
plot(x=x, y=dexp(x, rate=1.5))


Plotting an Exponential Distribution Curve

We can plot an exponential curve by adding "l" to the plot command. To increase accuracy, we will generate the plot using 200 points. This is accomplished by setting length.out in seq to 200.


x <- seq(from=0, to=5, length.out=200)
plot(x=x, y=dexp(x, rate=1.5), "l")


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