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For certain R functions, such as when plotting statistical distributions, it is useful to produce a range of numbers with small increments for the sake of accuracy. To do this, we use the seq command. The command has three parameters: from, the inclusive lower bound of the sequence, to the inclusive upper bound of the sequence, and by, the increment of the sequnce. The following cell produces a sequence with the domain. The following cell produces a sequence from 2 to 6 with step 0.5.

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seq(from=2, to=6, by=0.5)


Setting length instead of increment

seq has a fourth, optional, parameter called length.out. This determines the amount of values in the sequence and will automatically calculate the increment (thus, the by parameter should not be set). The following cell generates a sequence from 2 to 6 with 11 values:


seq(from=2, to=6, length.out=11)


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